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This map shows the Antwerp Belgium map. You can freely to print the Street map of antwerp Belgium. The Antwerp Belgium map is printable and downloadable on this page.
Antwerp Belgium map is an unavoidable step. Flemish city, Antwerp is known for its diamond and works of Rubens, Antwerp is also one of the international capitals of fashion. This trendy and dynamic destination has many surprises for its visitors. Capital of the province of Antwerp and the district of Antwerp, the Belgian city of the same name is the most populated municipality of Belgium.

Street map of antwerp Belgium

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For the first time in Belgium, the antwerp Belgium map has more inhabitants of immigrant origin than of native origin. In the under 25 years, the migratory origin exceeds 70%. According to data provided by Belgium, North Africans constitute the largest group of immigrants in Antwerp Belgium, but Asians and Western Europeans are also strongly represented.
Cradle of young creators in Belgium, Antwerp is a first-class port city, hub of the diamond trade, the city has retained the typical charm of Flemish cities. It is a real pleasure to stroll through the street map of Antwerp Belgium and the vast squares of the old town. Belgium's finest historic monuments, theaters, trendy shops, trendy restaurants and art galleries give to Antwerp an incomparable charm.