Ghent Belgium map

This map shows the Ghent Belgium map. You can freely to print the Belgium ghent map. The Ghent Belgium map is printable and downloadable on this page.
Until recently, the only reference we had in terms of romantic city in Belgium was the "Venice of the North" which has become so popular that its charm is now starting to wear away with mass tourism ... we discovered ghent Belgium map, a beautiful Flemish city. The city of Ghent whose romanticism is less well known than other cities in Belgium certainly seems more authentic.
Ghent Belgium map is not as well known as its neighbor but it is gaining popularity far beyond the borders of Belgium. And proof of its openness to the world, the city has three names! French speakers call it Ghent, Flemish Gent and Anglophone Ghen. Ghent is the capital of East Flanders in Belgium, so it is a Flemish city.
Not as famous as the popular Bruges, Belgium ghent map is not top of the list of places to visit in Belgium. However, with more than 30 trains a day from the capital of Belgium and only an hour away, there is really no reason not to visit the most beautiful Flemish city of Ghent when you visit Belgium.