Road map of Belgium

Map of road Belgium. Road map of Belgium (Western Europe - Europe) to print. Road map of Belgium (Western Europe - Europe) to download. Transport in Belgium is facilitated with well-developed road, air, rail and water networks. The rail network has 2,950 km (1,830 mi) of electrified tracks.[1] There are 118,414 km (73,579 mi) of roads, among which there are 1,747 km (1,086 mi) of motorways, 13,892 km (8,632 mi) of main roads and 102,775 km (63,861 mi) of other paved roads as its shown in road map of Belgium. The ringways (or orbital roads) around bigger cities have their own series of numbers. The names start with a R then a first digit indicating the (old) province, and sometimes a second digit to further differentiate in between different ringways.
The road network in Belgium is managed by regional authorities, meaning that a road section in Flanders is managed by the Flemish Government, a road section in Brussels by the Brussels government and a road section in Wallonia by the Walloon Government as its mentioned in road map of Belgium. This explains that road signs in Flanders are written in Dutch, even when referring to a Walloon region, and conversely, which can be confusing for foreigners who ignore the different translations of Flemish or Walloon cities in the other language. The national roads are marked with a letter N and a number. Secondary national roads intersect these.
The road network in Belgium is made of highways, national (or regional) roads (the secondary network) and communal roads (or streets). Communal roads are managed at the municipal level. There are also a number of orbital roads in Belgium around major cities. Total: 152,256 km (2006) country comparison to the world: 35 in which 119,079 km paved (including 1,763 km of expressways) and 33,177 km unpaved as you can see in road map of Belgium. National roads have an N plus 1, 2 or 3 digits. National roads numbered with 3 digits are provincial roads, their first number indicating the province.