Belgium attractions map

Map of Belgium attractions. Belgium attractions map (Western Europe - Europe) to print. Belgium attractions map (Western Europe - Europe) to download. Bruges is a major attraction for tourists, with its perfectly-preserved medieval streets rimming tranquil canals that lure flocks of travelers each year. Today, the canals are beautiful reminders of Bruges history, and cruising or walking along them is one of the most popular things to do in Belgium. La Grand Place (also known as De Grote Markt) as its shown in Belgium attractions map, is rimmed by finely preserved guildhalls and other grand buildings that showcase Belgium vernacular architecture at its best. For many visitors, Belgium role on the front line of World War I, and in particular the Battlefields of Flanders around Ypres are the main reason for a journey here. Gravensteen is one of Europe best surviving examples of a moated fortress and has been incredibly well-preserved.

Map of Belgium attractions

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This majestic cathedral of Saint Bavo its high Gothic choir and Romanesque crypt showcases the best of religious architecture in Belgium and is Ghent most outstanding tourist attraction. The Basilica of the Holy Blood is not only impressive for its blending of Romanesque and late Gothic architecture but also for the sacred relic kept inside. Right in the core of Antwerp, sits the town wonderful Grand Place (also known as the Grote Markt), which contains some of Belgium finest examples of guild house architecture with their typical steeple-roofed shape. The Meuse Valley, south of Brussels, is one of the best places to get a feel for Belgium rural heartland as its mentioned in Belgium attractions map. The old town of Mons is a delight to explore.