Belgium tourist map

Belgium tourist attractions map. Belgium tourist map (Western Europe - Europe) to print. Belgium tourist map (Western Europe - Europe) to download. Belgium may be a small country in Western Europe, but it packs a lot of history within its borders: knights who went on crusades, the place where Napoleon met his Waterloo and which felt the effects of World War I && II. Because it is so small, visitors can get to almost any of the tourist attractions in Belgium with three or four hours of train travel. Nestled between Germany and France, small Belgium has every reason to be confident in its cultural offerings. From medieval fairytale settings to phenomenal nature displays and eerie ghost towns. The Leuven Town Hall looks more like a cathedral than a seat of government, perhaps because the 236 statues that adorn it are set in religious scenes as its shown in Belgium tourist map. Mons is a medieval city that today serves as capital of Hainaut Province. It is home to the only Baroque belfry in Belgium.

Belgium tourist attractions map

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Bouillon Castle sits on a hill overlooking the city of Bouillon. It is believed to date back to the Romans, though it is first mentioned in the late 10th century. One of its early owners sold it to finance his participation in the First Crusade. The Grote Markt in Mechelen is a large square that is the heart of the city; it is the city’s main square. At one end of the pedestrian cobblestone square stands St. Rombold Cathedral, the city largest church, while the town hall occupies the other end. Centraal Station is the main train station in Antwerp in Flanders as its mentioned in Belgium tourist map. The stone building, which opened in 1905, presents an imposing façade to travelers. Catholicism has been an important religion in the Walloon city of Tournai since the 6th century, though construction of the Cathedral of Our Lady(Notre-Dame de Tournai) did not start until the 12th century.