Belgium language map

This map shows the Belgium language map. You can freely to print the French speaking Belgium map. The Belgium language map is printable and downloadable on this page.
In the Belgium language map, three official languages coexist: the French language, the Dutch language and the German language. A wealth for exchanges in Belgium, but also often a source of complexity and misunderstanding in terms of learning at school, especially as it is sometimes caught up by linguistic conflicts between the north and south of Belgium.

French speaking Belgium map

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Is the English language the solution to reconcile Flemish and Walloon in Belgium? In any case we must take into account the increasing use of English: "When we think about the future of the Belgium language map, it would be absurd not to take into account a phenomenon that has amplified dramatically in recent decades. this phenomenon is the rapid growth of the knowledge of English throughout Belgium. "
Belgium is experiencing a real a true linguistic break between french speaking Belgium map of Wallonia and Dutch-speaking Flanders, the city remained a bilingual region. These tensions speaking, cultural and economic are the sources of political instability that runs through all the cities of Belgium since the late 2000s.