Belgium map

This map shows the Belgium map. You can freely to print the A map of Belgium. The Belgium map is printable and downloadable on this page.
The Belgium map is located in Europe. The landscape is varied, the rivers and gorges of the Ardennes are in sharp contrast to the plains that dominate the landscape of Belgium. The immense sandy beaches on the coast of northern Belgium stretching for almost 60 km are the main characteristic of this country.
In Belgium the population continues to increase each year with an annual growth of +0.48% However, within a few years, a drastic and rapid decrease in the total population of the Belgium map is expected, in particular because of the general aging of the population, which is more than 40 years old on average.In addition, Belgium is just emerging from a severe political crisis that splits in two Belgian society.
The Belgium map is today a federal state with decentralized power, which is made up of Communities and Regions. Decision-making power no longer belongs exclusively to the federal government. Various bodies in Belgium exercise their powers autonomously in their own fields. In Belgium the laws of the federal parliament apply to all Belgians.
According to a map of Belgium, Belgium is located in Western Europe and shares its borders with many countries. Belgium covers an area of square miles 11,787. In this area are three main geographical regions. These areas include the coastal plains, consisting of sand dunes, the central plateau consisting of valleys and gorges.
In 1795, it was the occupation of Belgium and the secession of the Belgian provinces in 1830, when Belgium became totally independent. Leopold II succeeded in 1865 to the reign of Leopold I became king of Belgium in 1831. 1908 is the date on which the Congo is bequeathed to Belgium (see a map of Belgium).