Belgium map outline

This map shows the Belgium map outline. You can freely to print the Belgium map vector. The Belgium map outline is printable and downloadable on this page.
The Belgium map outline is located in Europe and the outline of its borders passes through many neighboring countries. The Belgium outline is varied, the rivers and gorges of the Ardennes are in sharp contrast with the plains that dominate the outline of Belgium. The great forest of the Ardennes close to the German and Luxembourgish outline.
The Belgium map outline is surrounded on all sides by many countries, it passes north then east then south to end to the west. Belgium outline is a small country (30,528 km²) which is at the center of the most important industrial and urban concentration of Western Europe. Belgium is also the heart of the hinterland of the Atlantic range, with the highest concentration of seaports.
The map of Belgium outline Franco-Belgian, whose outline dates back to the early eighteenth century, is a true "outline-crucible". The Belgium outline does not correspond to any physical obstacle relief or river, it has always been a place of passage and contact. This geographical specificity of Belgium explains the density of the territories that outline it.