Belgium on world map

This map shows the Belgium on world map. You can freely to print the Belgium map in world map. The Belgium on world map is printable and downloadable on this page.
The Belgium on world map is this small country located between 4 countries. Belgium is home to just over 11 million people spread over 30 500km2. Despite its small size Belgium is known in the world for its many beers, its chocolate made in Belgium, but also many other things that we do not even suspect.

Belgium map in world map

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The Belgium on world map is a state of over 10 million people located in Western Europe. Belgium is a multi-faceted locality, which is discovered through its architectural heritage, but also its cultural wealth and its natural and historical sites known throughout the world. Belgium is divided into three regions.
Obviously that would be Belgium without his famous mussels and chips and gaufres. However cooking in Belgium map in world map account other specialties like the biscuit, Brussels sprouts or foie gras. Foods that are usually paired with good Belgium special beers that are among the best in the world. Each region of Belgium can count on its own specialties.
The army Belgium map in world map is the only foreign army allowed to parade with weapons on the British territory. It is a unique privilege granted since 1934 by King George V to Belgium. Since then, the homage to the London Cenotaph has spread to victims around the world. And so since 1934, the tribute was repeated the weekend before the National Day of Belgium.