Belgium political map

This map shows the Belgium political map. You can freely to print the Belgium map location. The Belgium political map is printable and downloadable on this page.
Belgium gained independence in 1830. Between 1970 and 1993, the Belgium political map evolved into an efficient federal structure. To achieve this, five reforms of Belgium political were necessary. That is why, today and for the first time, Article 1 of the Constitution of Belgium declares: "Belgium is a federal state composed of communities and regions".
Following the particular federal structure of Belgium political map in terms of climate is quite complicated .In Belgium competences are distributed between the regions and the federal government and several political decision-making bodies are concerned. The federal structure of belgium political implies that the 7.5% reduction targets can only be achieved by sharing the burden between the federal and the regional powers.
The life map of Belgium political is also tainted by the persistent dispute between the Flemish majority and the Walloon minority. In Belgium political compromises are adopted before the constitutional revision of 1993 provides for the establishment of a federal state, with significant decentralization of powers to the three regions of Belgium: Flemish, Walloon and Brussels.