Belgium regions map

This map shows the Belgium regions map. You can freely to print the Belgium provinces map. The Belgium regions map is printable and downloadable on this page.
The Belgium regions map is a federal state. Belgium is made up of three communities and three regions. However, the territories of communities and regions do not overlap. The three communities in Belgium have the following competences: cultural subjects, customizable subjects, teaching, intercommunity and international relations.

Belgium provinces map

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The Belgium regions map comprises three regions and 589 municipalities. Their skills in Belgium are related to the communal interest, that is to say to all that concerns the inhabitants of the regions : culture, sport, firefighters, garbage collection, law and order public, the creation of a employment agency in Belgium...
The Belgium provinces map is divided into three provinces. Their denomination is related to the name of the territory they cover. From north to south of Belgium, it is the Flemish province, the province of Capital of Belgium and the Walloon province. Provinces have expertise in areas that affect the occupation of "territory" in the broad sense of the term.