Belgium regions map

Belgium provinces map. Belgium regions map (Western Europe - Europe) to print. Belgium regions map (Western Europe - Europe) to download. Belgium is divided into three Regions: the Flemish and Walloon Regions and the Brussels-Capital Region as its shown in Belgium regions map. The Flemish Region is made up of the territory of the five Flemish provinces. The Walloon Region encompasses the territory of the five Walloon provinces. There are also nine German-speaking municipalities in the Walloon Region. They do not constitute a German-speaking region. The Brussels-Capital Region encompasses the territory of the nineteen municipalities of Brussels. Each region has its own legislative body, and its own government. The regional governments and legislative bodies decide upon matters such as housing, economy, transportation, public works, the environment, spatial planning, energy, land use etc..

Belgium provinces map

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During the second reform of the state in 1980, the Flemish and the Walloon Regions were given their Parliament and Government. The Brussels-Capital Region, on the other hand, was only granted its institutions during the third reform of the State in 1988-89. The Regions have legislative and executive organs: these are known as the Regional Parliament and the Regional Government. However, in Flanders the Community and Regional institutions were merged. Hence, there is one parliament and one government as its mentioned in Belgium regions map. In the bilingual region of Brussels-Capital, there are 3 Community Commissions which share in the exercising of Community competencies: the French Community Commission (COCOF), the Flemish Community Commission (VGC) and the Common Community Commission (COCOM). This study will not enter into detail for this sub-division in the exercise of those competences.
The Walloon Region exercises regional competencies over both linguistic regions as you can see in Belgium regions map. However, the Region has transferred some of those competencies to the German-speaking Community for the German-speaking linguistic region. Additionally, the Walloon Region exercises some transferred community competencies in the French-speaking Region only. Thus, this study will not enter into details for this sub-division of competences at variable geometry. Regions have legislative powers in fields that are connected with their region or territory in the widest meaning of the term. Therefore, the regions may issue regional decrees which have the force of law. Moreover, this means Belgian federated entities are in charge of external relations regarding the competencies they have been assigned and have the right to send their own delegates to bilateral posts.